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"Two myths explained"

Hello inquirer,

Good to hear from you. The answers to your questions are below .
1. Is the gospel invitation a universal invitation or is it only genuinely made to the elect? 
Dr. R.C Sproul was in town this last week and in a Q&A both of these questions came up. He rightly stated that the gospels is never an invitation. An invitation can be taken or refused without any consequences. A summons and a command which is what the gospel call is by divine decree.
"Come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden and I will give the rest" is a command. "Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ," is a command. To refuse is sin. John 3:18,36 / 2Thess 1:8   
The call of men is to whosoever. The Call of God is to His sheep, His elect, His people, His bride, His Church. The ecclesia. John 10:27-29 And they hear HIS voice, and follow HIM!
2. Does God love those He will ultimately damn?

To this question, Sproul was asked, does God love everyone, And his answer was that "his redeeming love is only for the elect. And in that sense, No!"

PJ: For to call His patience, and benevolence to bless his creation with all the sustaining qualities that allows the wicked to live prosper die and go to hell, is a love really not worth commending, unless you want to play a cruel trick on the sinner. ( god loves you, but he can't save you)
Nowhere does the bible even remotely imply that God loves everybody. Nowhere!. That He loves the world, is evident in that He has determined to save some of the human race out of it, through that specific redemption in His Son. John 3:16 Rom 8:35-39
What sort of love is that, which will allow the dead to remain dead,. the blind to remain blind, the obstinate to remain impenitent, and the perishing to perish for all eternity? ( Impotent and useless.)        
Even Atheist, understand the sleight of hands in that sort of evangelical mush peddling.
Anyone who is pressed to this unbiblical methodology of altar calls and decisions for Jesus, denies the true nature of men, and the necessary work of the Spirit, to bring about a real conviction of sin, and a breaking of the heart, before God, not men: and a quickening from the dead by the Spirit of God, which will result in a pursuit of God, not a decision.  John 16:8  
Indeed the love they are peddling that settles for the eternal destruction of souls, is described in the bible  as the " Wrath of God" 2Thess 2:10,11/ Rev 20:11-15
A subject, all together avoided in their conversation. " The Wrath of God"!  What is that? Explain the Wrath of God? I would say! 
Explain that appropriate and necessary  expression of God's justice against sin, in the destruction of sinners, because He loves His own character and cannot deny his holiness this satisfaction, either upon the criminals of His law, or upon a real substitute, in their stead, so that , in either case God's justice is vindicated. Rom 9:18-23
You see, this spurious love of God doctrine preached in almost all of your Churches, reformed and otherwise, is a veiled attempt at avoiding and minimizing this crucial characteristic of the biblical God.
"Because with lies ye have made the heart of the righteous sad, whom I have not made sad; and strengthened the hands of the wicked, that he should not return from his wicked way, by promising him life: Ezekiel 13:10-16
In doing so, they make the love of the Father, useless. The death of the Son futile and a mockery of justice, and the wooing of the Spirit a pathetic gesture filled with disappointments.
This poor god, needs our help!  
And it will eventually  lead to universalism . If not in explicit and overt teachings, in practice and temperament. This is where your ecumenical and syncretistic worship begins to emerge.
Since "god loves everyone" they say, then we need not be dogmatic about our differences.    
A little leaven, leavens the whole lump. And so goes your Church! "Good for nothing but to be trodden underfoot of men. Mt 5:13" 




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