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Likewise, I say unto you, there is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner that repenteth. Luke 15:10

Where is this joy coming from? GOD! He is rejoicing. He joy’s with singing. He clad himself with zeal to bring about His own rejoicing. Yes , God is rejoicing at the work and reward of His Son’s death for sinners, by which He brought them to God, through life, faith, and repentance . Ps 2:6-8

This reality amazes me for two reasons. One, that so infinite and righteous a God would condescend to express Himself among thankless sinners, in this manner. What do you think that rejoicing looked like?

Or pray tell me, what did it sound like? What would you do, if your heard or saw God, rejoicing?

I pray that you are no stranger to real spiritual, heartfelt souls affecting joy. That you have never leaped for joy, ran for joy, sang for joy, danced for joy, or laughed and shouted for joy. These are gifts from our God!  Ps 32:11- 35:27- 48:2 - 132:16 - Rev 5:8-13

You know that the self righteous son who stayed home and never transgressed, knew nothing of the sound? He heard the music and saw the dancing and said, what does this mean? What a tragedy! The gospel was a mystery to His soul. Neither knew He His Fathers joy! vs. 25-28 But he became angry!

But secondly, the remarkable thing, is how much value God puts on the salvation, of ONE sinner. One redeemed soul. One who is drawn, called, quickened, and clothed in free grace, sitting at the feast of the good news. Look around you! There is one! You’ve never seen them before! But God is rejoicing. Just one. But that is how God does it. One at a time. What a lesson on the nature of God, and His value on grace!

Oh God, deliver is us, from the second son!




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