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Eagles? Or Vultures?

For wheresoever the carcase is, there will
the eagles be gathered together
. Mt 24:28

The difference? One eats dead cold things, road kill, putrid, and left over from the kill of another. Those whose diet is such, are vultures. Vultures are unclean birds. They represent lost men and women. People who have no spiritual life. At all. Whose whole diet, is the diet of death, and such diet depicts, this world’s philosophies, ideas, and practices. Feeding on the carnage of pop culture. Feeding from the trough of our highly sexualized media. THERE will the vultures be gathered! Feeding on the things of men. Our world is sick, feeding on the diseased carrion of the sinful body of death. Isa 1:6 / Rom 7:24 / Are you there?

In religion, it’s the same. Such as feed on the dead and Christless doctrines of men, who do not know Jesus Christ! Their diet, is humanism. Self! Or, Works religion. Heb 9:14 . The frenzied efforts of souls desperate to produce life, only to engage in pretense, and show. Excited by the spirit of err, worshipping what they know not. Christless religion. This is mystical paganism. Dead. 2tim 3:5

Pragmatism, the carnal fleshly methods of men, who think that gain is godliness. Ancient pagan ritualism is a long time rotting corpse which only deceives the souls of men, who gather around that carcass for sustenance . Only to find it alien and dark. And still Christless. Such are the vultures who gather (congregate) around the dead. The road kill of human efforts.

Be careful, you neo - reformers. Lest you also be guilty of only feeding on the dead men of old. Rehashing the works of the flesh, and not laboring to hear from Christ yourself, and feeding directly on His ever warm flesh and blood through the gospel of His almighty Grace. This is the TRUE bread! It alone gives life to His people.

The Eagle?, feeds on the warm fresh blood of the slain. Like the lion: Behold, the people shall rise up as a great lion, and lift up himself as a young lion: he shall not lie down until he eat of the prey, and drink the blood of the slain. Num 23: 24

The Eagle is a clean bird, and represents true believers whose diet, is Jesus Christ. The Crucified Christ. The Savior who laid down his life for the sheep, His people, His bride, for real sinners, chosen, called, saved, cleansed, and authoritatively invited to the feast of God. The meal is Christ. His life, His love, his grace, His mercy, His righteousness, His peace, His goodness, His truth, His Spirit. This is indeed a gospel feast. Mt22/Luke 15:23,24- What a meal! What a meal!

But only for the Eagles. There, will the eagles be gathered. YesJerusalem is the context. OldJerusalem, with it’s dying covenant, waxing old and ready to die, destined to judgment, in Ad 70. At the hand of a Sovereign Savior who would come, in power and great glory, Mt 26:64 from His throne, and in His good providence remove the earthly temple , and establish the temple of His body, the Church, everywhere in the world, where men and women gather, around HIM, through the gospel of His Sovereign mercy. To feed on Him! Her young ones also suck up blood: and where the slain are, there is she. Job 39:27-30

What are you? A Vulture? Or an Eagle?




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